BPOSG – BPO Standards and Guidelines

The link below is a resource for all agents and brokers that complete or would like to complete Broker Price Opinions. This site, created by the BPO Standards Board and facilitated by the National Association of BPO Professionals – NABPOP, is a great resource for guidance and information about completing BPOs. Following these guidelines, in combination with the Special Instruction guidelines in each individual report, should take some of the mystery and challenge out of completing BPOs.


For those of you who want to go the extra mile, NABPOP offers certifications and training in the BPO field. InsideValuation recognizes NABPOP education and certifications and encourages valuators to explore the options available.


About saraschlosser

Sara Schlosser is the Community Manager at InsideValuation.


  1. So would you say that when you assign BPOs that you give preference to valuators who have these certifications? What other things influence you when choosing valuators – I’m sure you have hundreds of agents signed up in Austin and I want to make sure my team has the best chance of being selected. Thanks!

    • Hello Garreth,

      We do make note of the agents that have these certifications and we do keep an eye out for these agents when we send out our work. We do however grade each report in-house, so it is not required to receive work from us. We believe that these certifications are great tools and the courses will answer many of your questions. Most of our agents that have these certifications seem to get less questions back from us about their reports, which we all love. It is definitely worth looking into to see if it is the right fit for you. Thanks!

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