A Little Help For Our BPO-Lovers Out There!

Are you tired of reports getting sent back to you? Are you ready to do the report and be done with it? Well, in a world where doing it right the first time seems almost unobtainable, we finally have some help! The BPO Standards and Guideline were compiled by the National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals and has now been adopted by most industry leaders in the residential real estate valuation industry. If you follow these guidelines, in addition to any Special Instructions for the report, you should make it through the report with a bit more ease and with less push-back after completion.

Where is this magical tool, you ask? Well, you can find it and download it right here: http://www.nabpop.org/BPOs-BPOSG.php

This guide outlines everything you need to know from photos to property types to zoning, all the way to how to pull comps based on location, GLA, acreage and market conditions. If you have a question about adjustments, it’s in there too! They even have a section about what to do when there are no comps available for the report. Everything you need to know is right here in one place and we encourage you all to download it, read it and save it for reference.

Save time, save money and get the report through quality control review the first time right here: http://www.nabpop.org/BPOs-BPOSG.php

Thanks to everyone for tuning in, have a great week and happy reading!


About saraschlosser

Sara Schlosser is the Community Manager at InsideValuation.

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